The origins of the French Press are the stuff of myth. As legend has it, it began with a mistake by an old Frenchman, grounds were added late in the boiling process and thus needed to be screened out. Luckily, someone selling metal screens was nearby. The old man used a stick to push the screen and floating grounds to the bottom of his pot. His first sip was like magic so he shared some with the screen merchant. They both agreed it was the best coffee they had ever tasted. The pair went into business together, creating an enduring coffee legacy. 

The french press is now a ubiquitous brewer, appearing everywhere from grandma’s kitchen to specialty coffee shops. It has stood the test of time because of its convenience, and adaptability . You can tackle a few tasks as your coffee steeps. So it's the perfect brewing method for those who want rich tasting coffee without the fussiness of other brewing methods. Pour, steep and then plunge for an easy morning coffee routine. 

Not any old French press will do, so we’re offering a wonderfully crafted one from Yama. It’s made from high quality hand blown, kiln fired Borosilicate glass. Features an exceptionally good press seal. It has an easy to grip chrome handle. Chrome trim along the bottom and top combine for a sleek modern design. The sturdy base will make plunging extremely easy as you won’t worry about any slippage. This beautiful press also brews teas wonderfully. 

Simple Brewing with the Yama French Press

  1. Grind 14 grams of coffee very coarsely. 
  2.  Bring water to a boil, 195-205, once it’s reached the desired temperature partially fill your press to preheat the glass. Discard the water once it’s warm.
  3. Add your grounds to the press and then fill with 8 oz of water. Let the mixture stand for 45 seconds before giving it a stir to completely saturate the grounds.
  4. Fit the filter lid onto the press and slightly depress the plunger. Let steep for 4 minutes. 
  5. Slowly press the plunger down. Make sure you press it down all the way for a balanced brew. 
  6. Pour your coffee into a carafe to avoid over-extracted, bitter coffee. 

*Steeping for four minutes is common practice but many have found success steeping for up to nine minutes. 

Ships Recommendation : Mundo Novo DN

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