Since 1941 the Chemex has been a testament to great design and functionality. Its hourglass shape and wooden collar have been copied countless times. Yet, the Chemex stands above the rest because of a commitment to high quality glass and manufacturing standards. 

The Chemex is an easy to use one-piece brewer. Lab quality glass means your brews will be full of the flavors you wish to extract.  The team at Chemex also produces lab quality filters designed to keep excess oils, sediment and bitterness out of your brews. From vessel to filter you’re getting an experience designed to consistently produce wonderful tasting coffee without much hassle. 

We’re offering the 6 Cup version of the Chemex with its wonderfully crafted wooden collar. Chemex is a great brewing method for larger hand poured brews to share with friends and family. 

Easy Brewing with the Chemex

  1. Grind coffee to a medium coarse grind. You'll need one tablespoon per 5 oz cup of coffee. This can be adjusted according to your preferences.
  2. Set water to boil in the kettle of your choice. Final temperature should range from 200-205.
  3. Place a filter into the brewer and rinse with warm water. Discard the rinse water. Place grounds into the brewer.  
  4. Once your water has reached the desired temperature, bloom the grounds by pouring the water in a circular motion to wet them. Wait for 30 seconds. 
  5. After the grounds have bloomed, slowly pour the water over the grounds. Be sure to keep the water level well below the top of Chemex. Allow the water to drain a little but not completely between each pour. 
  6. Pour until you’ve reached the desired amount of coffee brewed then lift the filter out of the brewer. Be sure to do this to not allow over extracted coffee to disturb your brew. 

*Be sure to keep your grounds on the coarse side as the Chemex filters are designed with a thickness and shape that can slow the water flow through the grounds. A coarse ground will allow the water to flow adequately. 

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