Hard work meets thoughtful experimentation with this tasty anaerobic natural process Ethiopian coffee from the Worka Sakaro region. The anaerobic processing enhances the natural sweetness of this particular lot. This coffee has a rich mouthfeel and a lightly floral finish. 

The farmers in the Worka Sakaro region produce some of the most amazing coffees in the world. Known for their unique and complex flavor profiles. Anaerobic processing enhances the natural beauty of their harvests. A technique borrowed from winemakers, that deprives the coffee of oxygen. This particular lot underwent a seventy two hour fermentation, before being transferred to drying beds to sun dry for seventeen days. The coffee is routinely raked and rotated by hand for uniform drying. Resulting in a balanced, rich, and complex coffee.  



This coffee was sourced from the experienced team at Tracon Trading, a family run business that operates thirty washing stations in Ethiopia. Their teams seek to honor the hard work of the small lot farmers that deliver coffee cherries to their stations. They have developed a special team to process experimental coffees. This team is well versed in the intricacies of experimental coffee production.  

The Gibirinna and Serto varietals were developed to be resistant to coffee berry disease. The Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) has made major contributions to the global coffee community with its research and studies in Ethiopia. Their dedication to combating coffee berry diseases makes a tangible impact on the lives of thousands of small lot farmers globally. Coffee is a true community project. From the research and development of the varietals, local farmers, washing stations, and finally your favorite local coffee roaster. At Three Ships our head roaster Amy Ewing honors the entire chain with a thoughtful roasting process. Single-origin coffee is an honest labor of love, so we hope you remember to Slow Down and Enjoy this one.