This completely organic lot from Esdras Guevara’s La Fuente farm is balanced, full-bodied and slightly acidic. You’ll come back to this every time you need something rich, and sweet. The cherries are picked at their peak, and then fermented for 22 hours. After this fermentation the cherries are thoroughly rinsed, and then dried for seven to nine days. 



Ten years ago Esdras made the decision to stop using chemical fertilizers. A bold decision for a coffee farmer. Many would see it as something to overcome but for Esdras it is the recipe to delicious coffee, and continued prosperity for his family. 

Esdras has been producing coffee for twenty years after being given a small plot of land from his father. His hard work allowed him to expand his initial farm, and purchase another. So his commitment to organic farming isn’t to be trendy, but the culmination of a lifetime in agriculture. He believes focusing on micro-lots will further change the trajectory of his life. 


We’re proud to have this wonderfully grown coffee on our shelves for your enjoyment. Grab a bag HERE.