Regalo De Dios is a wonderful natural processed coffee from the Nicaraguan mountains. The Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range is home to beautiful sights, and wonderfully harvested coffee. 

The team at Finca Un Regalo De Dios is helmed by acclaimed producer Luis Alberto. It takes a special team to produce wonderful Yellow Catuai coffee as Catuai coffee is highly susceptible to leaf rust, fungal infections, coffee berry disease and other harvest related issues. Luis’s team uses sound agricultural techniques to overcome this obstacle. The coffee they harvest represents the best of the Yellow Catuai varietal. This particular lot is fruity with a silky body.  

After the coffee has been harvested, the team at Finca Un Regalo De Dios uses a rigorous screening process to select the best coffee cherries. The de-pulped cherries then rest on African drying beds for twenty-five to thirty days. 

Luis’s dedication to excellence has earned him respect and recognition in the specialty coffee industry. His team has placed first multiple times in the specialty coffee competition, Cup of Excellence. They’re known to produce exciting and delicious coffees, and this one is no exception. Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy this Nicaraguan deliciousness!

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