Sparkling brightness, fruity sweetness immediately greet your senses when drinking this amazing coffee from Indonesia’s Java region.  Its vibrant and clean flavors are the result of a meticulous washing process before 16 hours of fermentation. Fermentation results in a nuanced cup with some light lemongrass and ginger notes in the finish.


This deliciousness is the product of smallholder farmers in the Naringgull Balegede sub-district in West Java, a name that translates to "up and down,” due to the hilly conditions of the area. Prompt delivery to a local wet mill allows for a classic washed process that is often unachievable for farmers in the region due to the humid conditions. This pairing of fa and exceptional facilities is necessary for consistency in tricky conditions.  


The Java region is steeped in coffee lore and still produces some of the best coffee you’ll sip. Coffee was first successfully planted in the region around 1700. Green coffee from Java served as the foundation for many Central American coffees. Currently, most cultivation still occurs near a cluster of volcanoes where things all began. 

Coffee in Java is still primarily grown among a cluster of volcanoes where coffee was first grown on the island. Java has become shorthand for coffee, and for a time nearly all coffee from any island in the Dutch East Indies was considered “Java.” Java’s physical presence has been lost to time, and convenience. We are elated that tradition has endured in the region, and we can’t wait for you to get a sip of it. A bright sweet Indonesian coffee has been a Moby Dick situation for us and we’re happy we finally caught the whale. Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy this awesome one. 


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