You’ll experience tropical flavors, and a crisp finish when sipping this yeast inoculated lot from Huila, Colombia. This fruity, light and silky coffee is the product of Miller Sarmiento’s passion and curiosity. It underwent 60 total hours of fermentation to bring forth vibrant and fruity flavors. With yeast being added to amplify those naturally found flavors. Also, providing a pleasant tart crispness typically found in a great glass of pinot grigio or rose wine. 


Miller Sarmiento and his wife Johany inherited their farm 18 years ago from her father. Miller's dad was a coffee farmer so he understands what it takes to cultivate amazing coffee. Miller's curiosity led him to specialty coffee and experimental processing. His great foundation in coffee has allowed him to succeed. His success has inspired his daughter to dream of becoming an environmental engineer, with a focus on preserving the local farm ecosystem. They’re a family on a mission to produce the best coffee with the best cultivation practices. 


Our mission is to honor the hard work of families like the Sarmiento’s as we understand the dedication it takes to survive in a corporate monopoly business environment. We understand that a focus on quality builds a wonderful base of support. One that we do not take for granted. Our roasting team, headed by Amy Ewing, thoughtfully crafts roast profiles to bring out the best in each coffee. Weekly tastings allow us to maximize the potential of each coffee we offer. We’ve had a blast fine-tuning the profile for this unique lot.  


This a special one you don’t want to miss. Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy!