We’re loving Pink Bourbon coffee right now, so we want to share a little more about this special varietal. Pink Bourbon is said by many to have originated in the Huila region of Colombia. Its pink hue is unmistakably beautiful, but beauty comes at a cost. It’s a tricky coffee to consistently cultivate. So we savor the lovely ones like Edilson Rojas.  Also, Laboyano Valley, a tribute to pink bourbon. 

A few facts about this amazing coffee:

  • While many believe pink bourbon is a hybrid of red and yellow bourbon coffee, recent scientific research does not validate this theory. It’s possible it traces to an Ethiopian landrace varietal. Possibly a gesha or another plant brought to Colombia to create hybrid varieties.
  • It’s vital to isolate pink bourbon plants from others to ensure successful cross-pollination. Controlled environments are best for it. 
  • Pink bourbon cherries contain a high amount of sugar making them adaptable to various processing methods. 
  • Pink bourbon coffee is known for its silky texture, sweetness, florals, fruity flavors and enjoyable acidity. 

Pink bourbon is a darling of the specialty coffee world for great reason, so we’re happy to bring it to your homes. We hope you remember to Slow Down and enjoy these tasty coffees.



Credit to Almacena & Perfect Daily Grind for valuable information on this amazing coffee.