Great technique is the most important aspect of any hand poured coffee. This is what we practice at our three cafes. Three Ships founders Brad and Amy Ewing are passionate about producing the best cup possible every time. Years of experience have given him the tools to produce a simple method that produces a balanced brew every time. 


 The Essentials 
Conical Pour over dripper
Carafe ( A Pyrex measuring cup works as well)
Bleached paper filter (Unbleached will leave you with a brew that taste like cardboard)
20 grams of ground coffee
300 grams of water (200 Degrees)


Our first Pro-tip:   Never allow the coffee grounds to fully dry out. 



Step 1: Set an electric kettle to 200 degrees or place your kettle on the stove to begin boiling. If you're using a stove stop kettle, it should be in the range of 200 degrees 3 mins after it begins to boil. 

Step 2 : Grind 20 grams of coffee to a medium fine grind. (Pro Tip: think table salt)

Step 3 : Fold your filter into a cone and set it into the dripper.  (Pro Tip: Rinse the filter thoroughly to eliminate any papery taste. Discard the rinse water.)

Step 4: Add the grounds to your dripper and then pour 30 grams of water into the dripper to bloom the grounds. Be sure to evenly saturate the grounds. Allow the grounds to bloom for 30 seconds. 

Step 5:

  • Begin your first pour of 100 grams of water near the center and spiral out. 
  • Allow the water to draw down some but not completely before beginning your next pour of 100 grams of water. If using a scale with a timer, this should be around the one minute mark. 
  • Repeat for your final pour of water. If using a scale with a timer, this should be around the two minute mark. 

Step 6: Remove the dripper from the carafe once all the water has passed through.

Step 7: Pour into your favorite cup and remember to Slow Down and Enjoy!


Final Pro Tip: Your total brew time should range from 3:00-3:30. Look to adjust grind size if you're not in this range. 


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