Welcome to the Dark Note Series. You can think of it as Dark roast coffee with love. If you enjoy rich and comforting cups of coffee, this one's for you. Up first is a natural processed coffee from the Sitio Santo Antonia farm in Brazil. Edna and Eugenio Molinari are a husband and wife team with a passion for  “producing coffee with maximum respect for the environment and all people involved in the production process.” We identify greatly with their passion as their origin story mirrors ours. A dynamic husband and wife team carving out a unique space in their community. 


The Mundo Novo varietal is known to be highly resistant against common coffee tree diseases. A small bit of assurance in an ever changing world allowing the Molinari’s to produce great coffee consistently. We’re proud to roast these lovingly cultivated beans in Virginia Beach. So if you appreciate darker roast coffees you’ll love this one. You get the full body and flavors of a traditional dark roast, but you’ll never wonder if you’re drinking sludge. This is robust and sweet for whenever you need a delicious cup of coffee. Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy. 


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