We love to present the best producers to our supporters. So we're really happy to see the King of Guji, Ture Waji return to our shelves. Laayyoo Natural from the Raro Nensebo Drying Station is sure to produce balanced brews no matter your brewing method. Hand poured methods will certainly draw out its sweetness. Espresso shots will be vibrant. Coffee makers will give you a sweet, full bodied cup. We hope you enjoy this lot while it lasts. Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy!


A collection of 35 farmers from the Teraga village in Uraga, Guji sustain the quality of the coffees produced under Ture Waji of Sookoo Coffee. “The King of Guji” maintains community-driven practices that allow for greater education of sustainability and the effects of coffee production in the surrounding regions. Within these areas of Ethiopia grows an indigenous tree by the name of “Laayyoo” that is used for shade on coffee plantations. This tree’s deep roots and falling leaves offer nutrient dense compost as a rich fertilizer to the unique traceable coffees grown in the Guji Zone. 


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