Introducing Shiptown, your new favorite go-to blend. Over the past few months, we’ve rigorously tested this out in our lab and then our cafes to produce a well-rounded, all-purpose blend that is easily adaptable for all brewing styles. A lengthy trial period allowed us to solicit feedback from our baristas, customers, production staff, and wholesale clients. We used this feedback to make many meaningful changes on its journey to being a retail coffee.



Our aim with Shiptown is to have a consistently balanced blend that is sweet, chocolatey, and with a touch of brightness. Also, amazing crema for you espresso lovers.  We do this by sourcing South and Central American coffees known for their robust flavors and full mouthfeel. Throughout the year the exact coffees might change but our commitment to the flavor profile remains. So we’re constantly tasting and testing to keep this backbone of our cafes in prime shape. 




Developing Shiptown also allowed us to reflect on the changes in the coffee economy and the economy at large. So we aimed to deliver a premium blend for a great price, and we’re certain we have done that. This is a versatile and universal blend built on our unwavering commitment to sourcing high quality coffees. That commitment is paired with a thoughtful roasting process that consistently produces delicious roasts each week.


Lovers of Seashore State, don’t fret, Shiptown is crafted with the same guiding principles and attention to detail. We know you’ll fall in love with this new do-it-all blend. Also, Seashore State will periodically return as a seasonal blend so your faithful friend will never be too far away. 

We’re very proud and excited of this new espresso blend and we cannot wait for you to give it a try.

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