North Star is back and shining as bright as ever. We’ve called in a delicious star from Huila, Colombia this year. This time of the year is all about sharing and togetherness so we sourced a coffee that is sweet and approachable for all coffee drinkers. Bring a bag to your family gathering or send one to a loved one. Or make a pot for a cozy weekend morning at home. Sip it slowly with some gingerbread waffles. 



El Nevado del Huila is a communal lot that represents the passion of small lot producers in Santa Maria and Pitalito. Beautiful towns that are intertwined with Colombia’s highest volcano, Nevado del Huila, which reaches 5,500 meters or 18,000 feet. 

Creating the perfect communal lot is an art that embraces precision and patience. Each small lot is cupped multiple times to ensure quality and seamless integration into the main lot. This process creates a standard of excellence and helps producers develop skills to create beautiful harvests. El Nevado del Huila is a collection of flavors that symbolize the best of Colombian coffee. 


This Holiday season, remember to Slow Down and Enjoy!