El Jardin Lot 2 is a washed coffee full of bright and crisp flavors. It’s pleasantly sweet and fruit forward. It has a very full mouthfeel and a rich finish. This delicious coffee is the result of Jorge Elias Rojas’ hard work to constantly improve the quality of the coffee he harvests.

Years of experience have allowed Jorge to develop his own fermentation and drying process. The process begins with a strict screening process to pick the best coffee cherries. This is done by hand to remove immature and low-quality cherries. After this the coffee is placed in sealed tanks for 72 hours, then de-pulped, and fermented again for another 36 hours in the same tanks. 



After the fermentation process the coffee is washed before drying for 28 hours in a mechanical dryer. The coffee is then placed in fique bags for 24 hours in a dark place at an average ambient temperature of 20 to 24 degrees, and then dried again in a greenhouse for 48 hours at a temperature of around 30 to 34 degrees. The coffee is left to rest for another 24 hours in fique sacks and then dried in a mechanical dryer for 48 hours at 38 degrees. The coffee is then cooled, stabilized, and packed in bags.

Jorge Elias Rojas is a fourth generation coffee grower with grand ambitions to cement his family’s legacy in the specialty coffee business. At age 13, Jorge’s mothers allowed him to participate in the family business. So he’s developed many skills and instincts to produce wonderful harvests. 



After inheriting part of his dads farm he purchased part of a neighbors land to create what is now Finca El Jardin. Family is still the heart of his business as his brother and sister remain involved in production. With his family's support he has established his own brand, La Roca State. He’s currently in the process of building out a wet mill to buy and process coffee cherries from his neighbors. Jorge is building a coffee legacy that he hopes his son will continue when the time comes.


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