At Three Ships we always have fun dialing in unique recipes for the coffees we offer. We appreciate that it gives us the opportunity to learn a lot about how the coffees perform in a variety of brew methods. We use this knowledge to tweak our roasting profiles and to better make customer recommendations. This week we focused on our recent Keramo Station release. Keep scrolling for a fruity sweet, vibrant and clean pour over recipe.




Brew Lab's Favorite Recipe


The Essentials

20 grams of coffee

V60 or similar conical dripper



Brewing carafe

Paper Filter


Things to remember : never allow the grounds to dry, pour close to the dripper, pour slowly to start, total brew time should range from 2:45-3:00, and stir after the first pour and the last pour.


Step 1: Set an electrical kettle to 203 degrees or place your kettle on the stove to boil.

Step 2: Grind your coffee to a medium fine consistency, if you’re familiar with kosher salt it should resemble that. Also go ahead and place your filter in the dripper.  

Step 3 : Once your water has reached the desired temperature, rinse the paper filter to reduce any odd tastes. Then place the ground coffee in the filter.

Step 4: Begin slowly pouring the water near the center of the grounds, after the center lightens in color, pour in a swirl around the grounds to evenly saturate. Pour until your scale reads 120 grams.

Step 5: Allow the water to draw down some and then repeat Step 4 until your scale reads 240 grams.

Step 6: Allow the water to draw down some and repeat step 4 until your scale reads 335 grams. After you’ve poured all of the water, give the grounds a gentle stir.

Step 7: Discard the grounds and remove the dripper from your brewing vessel. Gently swirl or stir the brewed coffee before pouring into your favorite cup.

Step 8 : Slow Down and Enjoy!



More about Keramo Station:  

We’re always excited to feature coffees from the team at Daye Bensa Coffee. Their washing stations are some of the best in Ethiopia because they are wedded to great technique. Their washing stations honor the local small lot holders and we honor their hard work with a thoughtful roasting process. We’ve selected a refreshing and fruity washed Sidamo lot from their many great offerings. You’ll be greeted with a sweet aroma when you open your bag. We’re tasting passionfruit, honeysuckle peach and raspberry. Those flavors along with a clean mouthfeel will keep you coming back to this one.




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