Welcome back to the Dark Note Series. We’re reaching back in time to feature an aged coffee from Indonesia. This robust coffee from the Sulawesi region was aged for 36 months. The aging process creates deep but clear flavors. Dark chocolate greets your taste buds before a toasty finish. 

This coffee is also unique because it is wet-hulled processed. Simply meaning the coffee is not completely dry nor is the parchment skin removed before being delivered to a processing mill. This is necessary because Indonesia’s rainy climate doesn’t allow for adequate drying time. Once at the processing mill the parchment skin is removed and the coffee is completely dried. This processing method allows growers to sell their coffee quickly. 


Aged coffee, introduced by the Dutch government, was the geisha of its day. Beloved for its high quality. When disease decreased supply from Java and Sumatra producers would sweat coffee on cargo ships to mimic the aging process. The browner the coffee the higher the price paid. Captains who delivered “extra brown” coffee were paid a bonus.  


We’re thankful for the farmers who have kept this tradition alive, allowing us to share this bit of history with you. Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy!


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