Last week we were excited shifted operations from our front door to a new TO GO window. The window provides a bit more sense of normalcy for our customers while also solving some logistical challenges with continued social distancing needs. We hope to bring the Three Ships experience in a different way during these strange times as we all are continuing to promote social distancing and the health of our community.

Getting it done is a different challenge and we had a huge boost from our local community to get it done. Read more below to find out more.

The TO GO window has been something we planned for when our roastery moves to Hilltop. With social distancing being a critical societal need for the foreseeable future we decided that we needed to make something happen sooner. Keeping the door propped open for the summer just doesn't make any sense and we don't foresee opening our cafe business until things change.

We have always been extremely lucky to have the support of our local community in the 7 years we have been open. It really does take a village. To get things moving I put my head together with our local neighborhood Architect Jeremy Maloney from Altruistic Design to make sure we brought the Three Ships vibe outside. It sounds silly, but I didn't want it to look like we framed in our garage door. Jeremy was huge in helping with all our changes and came up big. 


One of our regulars Dave Porch from Sothis Glassing came by for a cup the day I was starting work on the wall and came back with a tool belt on to lend a hand framing the wall. When we moved our roasting operations here over 4 years ago Overhead Door gave us a great deal on our garage door and came up big again during these strange times giving us flexible terms and a great deal on moving the garage door and installing new door/window. Andrew Curtain is a local contractor as well as a family friend in and out of the water. He jumped in and helped build and trim out the small roof. A a last minute call was all that was needed for Allen Still to come lend a hand making the roof water tight. 

Also need to give a big THANKS to our Alley neighbors WRV, North End Bag Co, Igor's Custom and Jars of Dust for putting up with the few weeks of construction and being open to change.

The Three Ships Crew has been a huge help too. Mahala has been huge in helping get things painted inside and outside. Mikey has been all over the place helping me move the coffee bar operations. Cat and team are always there being courageous through all the constant changes we have endured in this odd season of change.

 We are incredibly lucky to be part of this community and look forward to better times.